Sunday Reflection on a Tuesday! Untitled Poem:

So, I’ve been slacking on my writing but for great reason.  I’ve been going through a transition period in my life and it has been a huge blessing as well as weight off of my shoulders.  Love is a crazy thing.  There’s good love and bad love.  I was inspired to write this poem for the “Wings of Pegasus,” however, don’t find it fair they can profit so greatly off of something I write.  Yes, I’ve been published by others and have been published by self.  It is a great feeling to get your works out and into the world I have no question about it being good.  It’s just that I refuse to pay when I can do it for free on here and have all of you witness my transition period.  So far, everything that was predicted has come into manifestation.  I think that it’s great as my next thing to do is to win the lottery.  It was said this sum of money will come from a game of chance, so here’s to it.  This is a poem I wrote to get published and realized they wanted to charge me for it.  I don’t believe in that as I said so I hope you enjoy my heart being poured out onto this blog right here, and right now!  By the way, this was inspired by my grandma Helen Clark.  She’s inspired me to come up with this name, and my true name: Katie M. Erwin.  This is my poem though I write under another name.  People tend to be shady and I wanted to have private moments with my thoughts away from the shady people crosstalking me.  Guess they didn’t add that I’m a writer to the equation… ah well. 

“Untitled Unnamed”
The beginnings of love and a future we can build
Not forgetting the darkness but seeing light to guild.
Utilizing a thesaurus or finding it on a map,
Of dreams to travel as the love and beauty stacks.
Yesterday was a time of broken promises as we live for the now,
Honestly couldn’t do it after the hurt in my life I allowed.
Crawling backwards before forwards perceive it as a sign
The once negative has become positive my beauty is defined.
Raindrops and a walk on the grass bear skin helps us ground,
Theres pieces to pick up here and there reiki healing sound.
We must all awaaken celestial beings I call to you all
Our destiny is to heal this earth not to forget this is your call.
Dreamers utilizing a theory one can be rich fade the bad and help,
Delicately washing the ocean to the beach the spirits they need the kelp.
Though contained of bumpiness, and of grit we can wade through
For myself and for my kindreds, my magic calls to all of you.
Broken but not forgotten what’s real and what’s filled with light
Memories of a loved one counteracted the future’s bright.
Imprinting an interval of life I share with thee today,
The sun comes out, and the birds sing as she said as she passed away.
Grandma’s kisses we may all miss love not forgotten or lost
But living in memory to pick it up freely giving love with no cost.
This is your legacy we have to grow it timeless,
Our possibilities to change the world to awaken others and endless.
For you I write this poem, for you I write my song
I remember like it was yesterday I came back for a reason
As the flowers bloomed it still did snow though not during the winter season.
You are missed, you and your bliss I remanesce and love thee to watch over all of this.

Love, respect, it takes my soul

Love, respect it takes my soul to new fun places I’m in control
As this angel is placed on my shoulder I’ll break free- break free to be me.
As the moon does grow so does my love, and I know that it’s from above
Guiding to me places I didn’t once know to show everyone how much this love grows.
Petals around the bed, I ask a prayer and I know you all positively will be there
Where I go is up to me as I study about new cultures on how they view to be free
As the universal musical language sweetly touches my soul as the light goes in my heart-
Once despondant now fills with happiness and grows.
Prejudice replaces the love and does stand against all the hate
I learned many lessons of what was a disgrace but now those days are over it’s here and now
As I call upon the angels to come channel healing Reiki vows
The power of hands in this wonderful place a wonderous legend I am to desintigrate the bad shadows I once saw
Are gone now through the power of love of all.
As this momentum grows I remember a soul passing through the coves
Before she went away my grandma did say as the vibrant light hits those storm clowds may be gray
But they will not always be there sister, they will one day be sunshine caressing flowers
The birds didn’t sing right away, but I know now past is past of going astray.
Building blocks one at a time, I know my passion lies within helping the right people I define
A team of angels who are entities of the truth
I know not anymore abuse.
Spiritual lessons, complacence is removed as we awaken into this groove
As we show others how we do it all through time of once gray consumed.
Colorful fractal thoughts do caress my mind now
I recall a time less brighter as the Holy Spirit does define
His very blessing upon and in my soul
To help others, and to watch them grow.

We are awakening, we are free, we aren’t boxes and circles or robbed of what we can be
We are loving, we are ascending to the higher consciousness of what man’s destiny timelessly
We are rainbows from one end of the earth to the next, a blessing of colors of what to do next
We wait until that time, but now my friends, the tools are primitave lest you find.

Helping souls grow, helping them live… its now about how much you make but about the time you give.
It’s about positive vibes from one another, you don’t want reality well come find my happiness sister and brother!
I call upon you to at least see, how I help and do my part of giving a helping hand to humanity,
We can change lives one at a time, but what if we reach hundreds and build this momentum of positive never again to rewind
Those dark days can be over, as we caress your thoughts, will you open you mind for me to show you?
Will you take your hands in your life today? This has saved me so now I must save as many as I can so they’re safe.

A few mistakes, I have to play the game of life, but with positive emotions I’m a paradox
Will you want to join what this is becoming to be?  I’m revealing a secret and part of my many misteries.
We will be free, it’s our destiny I speak for us all to be free!

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Katie Erwin “KittKatt” writing under: Hellen J. Reaves, signing off and know my tomorrow will be as great as my today!

Sunday Reflection on Another Monday.

So here we are late at night and with all the buzz I almost forgot to change this thing. I’ve left my life to chance and dreams to do what I love- I was once told by a great man if I could find a way to get paid while on Facebook chatting with my friends I would become a rich woman. Well, guess what honey I found a way to do just that!

The coolest thing about it is, I’ve been in business a lot before. In all other businesses, it’s kind of dog-eat-dog. I swore off business, but then I realized I didn’t have to with this one. I get to help my friends get paid so then it makes it all seem right. All the things I hated about business I no longer see in my own. I’m honestly tickled pink. I will one day prance to my dreams with my friends as we all grow together.

We are going to light it up in Colorado. Love life, love you my readers, and wanted to say you’ll all be a part of my growth as much as you want to! #WUNLife

Sunday Inner Reflection on a Monday:

Like attracts like.  There is no doubt about it.  The same should ring true that all those who you meet are a reflection of you.  Therefore, treat yourself right.  Don’t ever give yourself bad advice, as this could come back to haunt you.  God spoke to me in Church yesterday.  He told me what I already knew but I needed to hear it again: we can become healers, lack suffering, heal ourselves… but only through Him and his infenant wisdom. 

Sunday Inner Reflection

So, I have to speak up and say I have known things before they happen for quite a while now.  I was told about a lot of stuff, and see it almost all the time.  With that said, we can walk on water, but don’t follow the scammers who claim to get you to salvation for a price.  True salvation is free!  Yes, it’s good to donate to the causes, and it is good to look out for fellow man out of kindness, but what isn’t good is to shy away from the truth.  If you stepped a minute in my mind you’d honestly go crazy.  I know that sounds crazy but do trust in no man, I am a woman and am sane for the most part.  What I’m insane about are those negative people who taint your life for a long time out of spite.  I’ve dealt with those types.  They always try to drag you down.  What I can say is that awakened people feel things some do not. 

Tonight, I felt an earthquake.  It was a 3.7… I am trying to figure out where the epicenter is, and how to track down the cause.  What I do know is this: there is much more fracking going on at the moment, and I know possibly that could be the root cause for it all.  I also know that there are some things that are not to be discovered.  But, I did feel it.  I thought I would share my inner hopes for my celistial brothers and sisters: this isn’t a philosophy or a theory.  I pray you become awakened and know what the truth is, and we can build something wonderful together one day soon.  I would love to live in peace, and am in what used to be a utopian farming community.  Anyway, I forsee it again becoming just that but without the fracking.  The contintental devide may be close, so that may be bad… however, I did see the pit, and know it will open soon.  I will not go there, but I would love it if you all became aware, and safe to the fact this is the truth.

Maybe you don’t care about it due to being caught up in your own luxuries, but I will continue to inner reflect asking myself what it is that truly makes me happy… so in closing, I ask you: what makes you happy?

Through Christ we continue down this path.  Have a blessed night, and I will hope for a sign in church tomorrow. 

Yours Truly,
Hellen Reaves

Fresh Lives, Fresh Thoughts, Fresh Jobs and Dreams…

So, it’s not quite Saturday for me as I haven’t slept.  I was origionally going to write the first rant and rave I had done in a while due to the computer problems but then someone sent me an inspirational video.  Though it is my belief we get what we put out, I received this message merely two sentences in and it made me smile.  The past was the past at that point.  What have I learned today?

Well, I learned that I can live my dreams starting today for one thing.  Nothing seemed to bother me today.  It usually does, but I could not keep a smile off my face for the past two days.  Why?  Because I now know something most don’t and due to that something, it makes me happier.  Yes, I can go on vacations for cheaper and live like a rich woman without having to worry about how I’m going to have to pay for it.  Just today I was looking at what I want to be my first motorcycle.  I asked the guy what the price was.  He told me, “well to be honest it’s 5600, but tell me what do you do for work?”  I explained to him, “I write, and blog, and do a lot of network marketing for Wake Up Now Empowered.”  That 5600 dollars turned into 3k in one moment.  I couldn’t believe it.  Here I am at a mom and pop shop and he’s heard of us, or believes in the cause.  It was amazing! 

That was when I realized, there are so many discounts I could be sharing with all of you.  If you too want a vacation, want a cruise, want anything at all booked I’m your go to gal.  I guess I have been forgetting to do one thing: to help others live their dreams too.  That changed for me today, and I decided I would tell everyone about the truth and how to get things less.  Also, imagine discounts massively on office supplies, paper, etc.  I can show you a way to save so much that it puts the coupon gurus to shame (sorry fellas).

So, if you want to hear about what I can help you with inbox me:  I can find you a way to shave off cash you could use for vacations.  There is multiple ways to make money, and I can get you out of the rut you are in.  Thought I would throw it out to the world on my blog.  We are becoming world wide now, and are all business owners.  What do we havve that you don’t?  Nothing, but maybe more time and consistency.  See what happens, and see yourself awakened and happy living your dreams!

Warmly yours,
Hellen Reaves

Breaking the Cycle

“Breaking the Cycle”
As we find more of our personal truths
I find I was in a bubble in my youth.
Categorizing myself by the day
A set of aloof labels I must break away.
I know that soon I’ll get it right
So I can educate others to go out and fight
For they too label themselves often selling short
Our own enemies are we that self reflected hurt.
Though my journey is in baby steps I would say
Tomorrow I’ll ponder and it’ll be a new day.
No longer putting doubt in my mind
I can contribute my talents and even the new I shall find.
The night comes on as we sleep in our beds
God please break these chains of labels we spread.
Upon ourselves gathered in robes
Let our talent shine forth blessed by new dreams that unfold.

Sunday Reflection on a Monday:

So, there are many truths as I find myself filled with knowledge. I know I’m spiritual and chose a path of light. The saying is true: everyone is a reflection of one’s self. With two novels and manuscripts completed and in the mail, I realize what writing I thought was therapeutic really is but for others to learn from as well. Yes, I’ve lived a hard life. Also, I’ve learned coping skills and how to deliver the truth to others to make sure they have the tools they need. Once you get into that negative mindset, there is a three step method to follow, and it works for many I coach when they too face hard days. Though I have fight in me as I’m a survivor, I realize that my strength is contagious. Something I’ve learned to get others out of that head spot are here to help on any path you find yourself on. The mindset is the key to success to not be taken lightly or jokingly as we are truly what we reflect. My novel I just finished will teach you why these things are important on the discovery of waking up to your true purpose, how to heal yourself, and finally how to help others. To help others impact you and other people so much that positive ripples transpire out of these actions. Here’s my list, and if you want to add anything that helps you, please do so in the comments section as I’m all ears.

1) Friends and family go a long way. Friends you look up to that radiate that glow are good for you.

Note: if you don’t know which friends are good or bad for you don’t worry. Take an inventory of each of them by writing a pro and con list to make sure they are what you need in your life to manifest your personal truth. This can be broken down further by subcategories such as but not limited to: habits, how you feel when you speak with them, what they do for a living, etc. If the negative is more than the positive then you’ll know right there what type of friends they are and what you need for personal growth.

2) Watching a funny movie or a movie that inspires dreams.

Note: we all have to try and try to acheive our dreams. We may not make it our first try, but if we give up then that is when we fail. There are many stars who haven’t gotten it right their first times either. They have stories and the message is that they don’t give up even on their darkest days.

3) Write about observations you make.

Note: What is good and bad in your life and how do your emotions lead you to feel that way? Some folks keep journals for dreams, insights, quotes, and goals. These oftentimes are successful people. Ask yourself what you truly want out of life! As big or small it may seem, there is a path to get there. By focusing on this you’ll feel more focus and purpose.

4) Be realistic, if others believe in what you do then they will actually guide you to get to your path free of charge.

Note: Clearly define your cause. What are you for versus what are you against? If you can preach to the choir on some causes then that will give you signs you’re doing something right. If you get calls asking to make your blog viral, you’ll find oftentimes that they don’t have the talent. Let your ideas be sacred to you but freely share them. Contradictory? Choose your audience and make sure they’re like-minded enough to take what you say to heart.

5) Avoid people who put you down, and avoid false flattery.

Note: Reflect the other persons motives, and follow your heart and gut. You knew everything before your birth and now it’s a matter of connecting the dots to make sure they’re aligned with your life purpose.

If you don’t like your day job, or find that you’re being abused by people you’re not alone. The term, “misery likes company,” is true but remember we are all reflections of ourself. Once you learn that, and control your thoughts- DON’T GIVE UP! Above all else, stay true to you and your harmony. It’ll get your mind in the right state to make good ripples and positive strides aimed for success, rebirth, and I shall pray that you can find the truth among other things that you can find along the way!

Hellen Reaves signing off. Happy Veterans Day weekend!

A moment touching a lifetime…

I’m the type of author and reader who checks out what my blog pals are doing. After a like from a like-minded person on here I have to come out and say something. Though I’ve been choosing to fight the wrong battles due to being abused for so long, friends and family (even government), have shown me the cycle I’ve been in for almost four years. When criminal charges are faced, the abuser if they want to keep their victim in a tight grasp decides to act out abuse in other ways. I wish the court could see my progress and that I don’t want to go through a difficult choice. I’ve been influenced in this so long that the other parties family had even had me living out this vicious cycle. My story is about negatives turning into positives and I know now I need out but don’t know how to go back and to fight just yet. I need time to heal. I need strength. Here these people are trying to show me what a “love-hate,” negative relationship is, and here I am as usual with the wool over my eyes. My family only wants what is good for me. I know others pray for me and my cause, but it’s sad to say I didn’t see it until now! What I saw, and what they saw are two different things. I’m sitting here in wonder thinking, “it’s a wonder I felt so drained all of the time,” as I turned a blind eye fighting for someone who I feel surely wouldn’t do it for me. Whenever they did something for me, they’d use it over my head. I have nothing more to give though.  It’s so sad- the illusion they bring. I see their own situation broken with or without me due to their past. I need to step out but God help me I am scared of retaliation as I’ve always been. Seeing the big picture for the first time is the scariest thing ever. It is like living in a bubble and not knowing how to pop it. I then found a blog on the subject and thought to myself, “my dreams will be manifested through a divorce but God, how do I even start?”

I need your prayers, not your pity. What makes things worse is hearing things like, “I don’t know how you still stand after hearing your sad story.” Well I do stand and I do have dreams. How to manifest them I have an idea. How do I take care of me when I’ve always been looking out for others? Can the relationship between him and I be fixed, or how do you know when or how to move on?

All of these questions pop into my head and I ask God to provide me the path I need to follow that is good for me. I fall in love too easily and see now these folks have taken advantage of me. I wish someone could step into my mind and tell me the truth though I know it’s my truth to make and my journey. I guess what I’m saying is a support group to identify things may be what I need for positive change after all of these years. It may be good for me to get involved in something larger than myself. He did my taxes so I had to start digging. The IRS says I owe money yet own my home, can’t lose anymore, and feel the need to move on. GOD HELP ME.

I know my dreams, but have been spinning my mind on this. I never knew someone telling you, “it takes too long for you to study,” was bad for me and my future. I thought it was normal, but I just finished my novel and have a new one to write on this subject as I’ve dealt with one form or another since 12 years old, have major trust issues, and know I need to focus on me now. How to make that next step I pray will come soon. I also pray I’ll not be forced to make such tough choices alone. He’s incarcerated and faces another charge. I thought our love was good but then realized as I’m in treatment the codependency isn’t to substance but to everything! My therapist next Wednesday will hopefully have answers. Thanks for prayers, love, positive reflection and strength as I need this change. I’ve had the eureka moment more than once. I only hope I have it easier for once.

I have to visit him today as I keep my commitments but how to break this cycle? Hmmmm. I suppose I’ll write more later but I have more energy just knowing the truth.

Peace and love to you all, Hellen once again signing off.